Our history in 90 seconds

More than 50 years ago, a group of people gathered for the first time to worship as a brand new congregation. In 1958, South Dade Church of Christ was established and met in various homes, commercial buildings and eventually a school.

The name was later changed to South Dade Christian Church and recently to South Winds Christian Church. In the early 1960s, the congregation was able to purchase 3 ½ acres of land at 10850 Quail Roost Drive and construct a facility for worship services and Bible school classes. Later, a 1.5-acre parcel was added, containing a small house that was used as the parsonage for many years.

Attendance grew from 111 members in 1960 and in the mid-1970s, the current worship center was completed, with 327 attending the dedication of the new facility in May 1975. Quail Roost Christian School opened in 1975 and continued for several years bringing a Christian education to the members and the community.

The Lord has graciously supplied pastors and leaders have provided godly leadership to the congregation and to the community. The church members have always had a strong focus on both spiritual and family matters via study groups, women’s and men’s fellowships and youth groups. The groups have participated in retreats, sporting events, picnics and lots of fellowship dinners, sometimes followed by energetic “old time favorites” sing-a-longs.

Music, in fact, has been an integral part of the worship and throughout the years, with choral cantatas, dramas and special presentations by the youth groups expressing worship as well as the bell choir and many traveling musicians sharing messages here.

Recessions, hurricanes and demographic changes have reshaped the south Miami community in dramatic fashion since the church’s formation, yet the congregation has remained steadfast in her commitment to serving the unchanging Lord in an ever changing world. Ethnic and cultural diversity continue to flavor our ministry but all share a common belief and trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

(This summary prepared by longtime member Marilyn Redden)